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Having fun and playing hard at Adventure Zone sure can work up an appetite! Our restaurant specializes in family favorites including taco’s, pizza, wings, salads, and snacks.

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$1.25 Single Taco and $5 Taco Plate
Delivery Service

When you’ve gotta have them, but don’t want to drive…


Our tacos have never changed and are still made the same way with all fresh ingredients. Our taco meat is always fresh and made with just the right amount of herbs. Our toppings are always guaranteed fresh and our cheese is made with the highest quality dairy products available.


Adventure Zone World Famous Tacos Story

Starting in 1951, a small pharmacy owned by the McCrory family, located across from Providence hospital on Oregon started selling tacos.  The lunch counter was soon full and the legend of McCrory tacos was born.  Many El Pasoans through several generations grew up on them.  In 2002, as Adventure Zone was being built,  McCrory pharmacy decided to move and leave their restaurant behind.  This became a front-page story in the El Paso Times, which I happened to see.  I went there for lunch that very day, and the following day I hired their cooks and got the recipe with the blessings of the entire McCrory family.  Many things have changed since then, but not the recipe and now we have sold over 4 million tacos ourselves. The reputation has grown, and now the McCrory tacos have become something bigger.  They became the World Famous Adventure Zone tacos.  The name may have changed, but the tacos have not.  They never will.


Great Food

From our World Famous Tacos, to our hand-tossed pizza, to our homemade burgers,
we have something for every taste bud, bud!


  • Single WORLD FAMOUS Taco $1.54
  • Single Potato Taco $.99
  • Single Gordita $1.54
  • Single Enchilada $1.25
  • 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burrito $2.20
  • 1/2 lb. Meat & Cheese Burrito $6.50
  • 1/2 lb. Mexican Burrito (onions & jalapeños) $6.50
  • Taco Platter (20 tacos, with 12 oz cup of salsa) $25.99

Burgers & Pizza

  • All burgers are served with lettuce, tomatoes & onions
  • 1/2 lb. Hamburger $7.50
  • The 1 lb. AZ Challenge Burge $11.50
  • Add Cheese any 1/2 lb. Burger $.50
  • 2 Slices of Pizza $3.75
  • 14” Cheese Pizza $12.99
  • Additional Toppings $.99
  • Pepperoni / Sausage / Ham / Green Peppers / Pineapple / Mushrooms / Olives & Jalapeño


  • 6 Wings (bone in) $10.15
  • 6 Wings (bone out) $10.15
  • Wing Platter (16 Wings & Fries 4 0z. cup of Ranch) $29.50
  • Chicken Strip (single) $.1.75
  • French Fries $2.49
  • Stadium Nachos $2.99
  • Classic Nachos (Small) $3.99
  • Classic Nachos (Large) $7.99

$7.50 Meal Deals

Your Choice

Taco Plate with 20oz Drink

Gordita Plate with 20oz Drink

Enchilada Plate with 20oz Drink

Combination Plate with 20oz Drink

Chicken Strip Basket with a 20 oz drink

Adventure Zone | World Famous Tacos

$5.99 Meal Deals

Your Choice

Grilled Cheese and fries with a 20 oz drink

2 Slices of pizza with fries and a drink


$4.99 Kids Meals

Your Choice

  • Kids Hamburger with fries and a 12 oz drink
  • Kids Chicken nuggets with fries and a 12oz drink
  • Kids corndog with fries and a 12oz drink
  • Kids grilled cheese with fries and a 12 oz drink


Kids Soda(12oz)/Medium Soda (20oz)/ Jumbo Soda (32oz) | $1.60/$1.85/$2.85

Soda Refills Kids/ Medium/ Jumbo | $.85/$.99/$2.20

Pitcher of Soda $6.25

Slushies  160z $2.79

Bottle of Water $0.99

Unsweetened Iced Tea 32oz (Free Refills) $2.09

Flavored Iced Tea  12oz/20oz/32oz | $2.05/$2.25/2.85 |

(Cane Sugar, Raspberry, Mango)

Gatorade $3.00

Bang Energy Drink $3.50


Beer & Wine

Coors Light, Miller Lite, Rolling Rock & Tecate $3.25

Blue Moon, Land Shark, Shock Top, Budweiser, & Michelob Ultra $3.75

Dos XX, Corona & Heineken $4.00

Bud Light Draft $3.50

Bud Light Pitcher $12.50

White Claw Mango, Watermelon $4.00